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1988: A film staring into the Jaws of Terror and Persecution

1988 is a short film project that stars Helena Waithera, Mike Njeru, Raymond Ofula and Qwachezz Kwach. The film takes us through the wheels of time, back into the dark days of Kenya’s political past… opening our eyes to the horrific terror and persecution that took place in the early years of the ‘Nyayo’ Regime.

Revealing the Kenya you never knew

Back then, free speech was muzzled, free movement curtailed… and any form of defiance or activism shot down… literally! Over the years, Kenyans have stated begrudgingly that our stories need to be told by ourselves… but not so many have had the courage to speak out about the ills of our past.

The brave time travelers of 1988 film

Tufilamu pictures have gone ahead to sneak their cameras back in time… into the secret torture chambers of Nyayo house… where the regime’s critics had their rights molested! Written by Charles Chanchori and directed by Robert Asimba, 1988 narrates the story of a 21 year old University of Nairobi Law student who gets caught up in the defiant marxism of his tutors… which puts in in the wrong books of the government. 

Brace yourself for horrific tales of brutality, torture, injustice in the courts of justice, treason accusations, blackmail and all the hallmarks of a regime that is hell-bound to silence all its critics. Keep your eyes peeled and stay posted about this film’s release and where to buy tickets.