Following on the footsteps of the performance of Redfourth choir domiciled at LTC last Saturday and KERALA annual festival on Sunday, stage action returns to Little Theatre Club this Friday 6th and Saturday 7th October with the comedy “8 COW SAINT” directed by Andrew Odanga and Peter Mbugua an accomplished play actor and director. The play boasts local and experienced artistes who are in both stage and TV acting industry. The cast includes Eunice Rimba now frequenting the LTC stage since “ Home is where your clothes are”; Andrew Waswa Odanga, DJ Lenium aka Michael Jerry Otieno, Dan Kinyanjui, Laureen Atieno, Vique Ofula and veteran Ashik Yusuf.

The synopsis

“…Nandako’s father was a respected man but she was quite rejected.  The people of the village thought she was quite plain, for she was thin and emaciated, shy and boring, she walked about the village with her head hanging low. She was an embarrassment to her father who owned the best cows in the village yet no man would offer to marry her…. Eight Cow Saint is a charming story based on a Philippine folk tale that demonstrates our true worth in God’s eyes. The play is written by Karen Lund and has been adapted by Waswa Andrew Odanga and Peter Mbugua. In a society and a generation where self worth and image are a major challenge, Eight Cow Saint presents a solution. This is a family production targeted for all that will make you laugh but also think.

Dan Kinyanjui, DJ Lenium, Ashik Yusuf in tense moments during 8th Cow Saint opening today at LTC

The actors and actresses in this play were asked to describe their roles in theatre and in the entertainment world revealing vast experience and stardom in their earlier roles. This is what they each had to  say :


Eunice Anzazi Rimba

The Beautiful Eunice Rimba

“ I am a screen and stage actress in Mombasa.”  “On  stage I’ve worked with Stan Savannah, Pasha productions, Little theatre club, and pilgrims. On the screen I have worked with Multan productions and Ashiner pictures production” I am  best known for the role of Cindy from Gizani which aired at Maisha Magic East. I will be playing the role SHIKAADABU PILIPILI. Don’t be left out, grab your tickets”

DJ Lenium

“My name is Michel Jerry Otieno popularly known as DJ Lenium but you can call me Daktari.

Dj Lenium

I am a media personality, an emcee and a DJ”.“I have acted ever since I was a child. Worked with several companies including Multan Productions, Stan Savannah, Pasha Productions, SekiBa Empire Pictures, SISIMKA, Angaza Theatre among others”.”I am best known for the series role of PONDA in SAIDA which aired on Citizen TV, Maisha Magic East & Maisha Magic Bongo and also the leading movie role of MICHAEL in the self titled movie”. “In 8 COW SAINT, I play the role of LUKWISO who is the sanest of the 3 old men being of sound mind,

reasonable, sensible but unfortunately very impatient”.

Dan Kinyanjui

Dan Kinyanjui

“My name is Dan Kinyanjui popularly known as Dan Sonko but you can call me Dan. I am a Businessman, Actor and Biker”. I have acted ever since I was a child. Worked with several companies including Multan Productions, Stan Savannah, Rich Pictures, Emnaz International, Angaza Theatre among others”.

“I am best known for the series role of Inspector in SAIDA which aired on Citizen TV, Maisha Magic East & Maisha Magic Bongo and also the leading movie role of David in the movie “Ta Kimbia fit. As Kipchoge Keino”. “In 8 COW SAINT, I play the role of MTWASI who is the self-proclaimed learned Mzee of the 3 old men who prides himself in using BIG words and complex approaches to simple matters”.

Laureen Atieno

The Glamorous Lorene Atieno

“My name is Laureen Atieno also popularly known as The Lolo.

I am a Psychology and Sociology major, businesswoman especially with crafts a teacher and administrator. I started acting since high school from dance to plays. Since then worked with pilgrims and Angaza and other small skits and plays. In the 8 COW SAINT I play the role of a  Gossip madam SHAURI CHENGA.. Need i explain more. Please dont be left out in this captivating show, grab your tickets and enjoy”

Ashik Yusuf

My name is Ashik Yusuf popularly known as Johnny Depp but you can call me Beanny Depp. I am a stage performer and screen performer as well. I have acted ever since I was a child at home in parties. Worked with several companies including Stan Savvanah Ufalme Africa ,Pasha Productions, Emnaz International, Silent Itch, Pilgrims Theatre, Little Theatre Club  also worked with the well known writer and producer Mr. Kuldip Sondhi, Peter Odote  among others. I am best known for every production I  have done from “Run for your wife”, Birthday Suite, Masika, Zuena, If You Insist, HAHAHAHA, Home is where your clothes care, Don’t lose the place, Seipan  etc. My to personal favourite is Funny Money. In 8 COW SAINT, I play the role of a Narrator”

Andrew Waswa Odanga

Hailing from a family of artists and creatives,Andrew Waswa Odanga is a seasoned all rounded artist with a bias for music and theatre. From elementary school, Andrew has been featured in many stage productions both as a solo performer or part of a bigger cast. In high school, he added another portfolio to his acting; that of writing and directing plays and won awards in various drama and music festivals. However, it was at Daystar University that he attended drama classes and got into film both as cast and technical support. Since then he has written, produced, adapted, directed and acted in a number of productions and has graced so many stages across the region. In ‘8 Cow Saint’ he plays Nyangweso and Pastor Mchungaji. He is also the director and has adapted the play.

The charismatic Andrew

Peter Mbugua

Peter with a plan!

“ I am stage actor with limited exposure on screen. From one of the great English farces “Run for your wife” to a thriller “I’ll be back before midnight” then a Kenya written farce “11th Hawa”.

I have worked with most genre of stage plays. I have similarly worked with other stage and a screen production houses. I am a writer, actor, director, editor, producer of many performing art items.  I will be on stage with this  play “8 cow saint” with an outstanding ensemble of actors.

Victoria H. Ofula.

“I am a screen and stage actress in Mombasa. As a stage performer I have worked with Stan Savannah that does thematic plays e.g.  “Zuena” -anti drug, “Diplomatic crisis” – governance etc. I have also worked with pilgrims theatre and did plays like “Seipan” – love and politics, “Bound by blood” and currently “8 Cow saint”. “For the screen I have worked with Multan production – Nira series, Stan Savannah – Tattered and Ashiner pictures production – Gift from a curse and the series Kashfa” .

Victoria Ofula

“ I have also played the role of a producer and head of marketing for both Stan Savannah and Sekiba empire as well as Pasha productions and Pilgrims Theatre. I am a musican and is a lead vocalist in JUKUA The Band. “I will be playing the role NANDAKO in the play 8 COW SAINT- A young naive lady who has  lost hope for life.