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In reality, being a creative is rough, tough, uncertain and full of challenges… sometimes you want to give up. But, not exactly for a boy whose first ever role was as a DOOR. Seeing the other kids sing, dance happily past me (as I stood as a door in a kindergarten role play), created a spark in me, “I didn’t have to be the shy boy anymore!”. I knew I had to be out there… never to be chained on one spot again! Fast forward to campus. Amidst chasing after my degree in a different field, my love for arts still stood out, while lying to myself acting was just but a hobby, it finally stole (my limelight and my heart). After graduation, I got a job which I quit barely a week after ; I wasn’t going to be a door again in this story of life… not because doors are not important… no! But because I felt that I could be more. I could help open doors to our stories. I could tell our stories. And so, my journey as an actor began. I believe in quality work & fair play. I believe that the world’s doors have enough for all of us. In whatever I do… I Believe in standing out.

What I do

The world is an endless canvas… whatever we draw on it is limitless, unleash your imagination!

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Commercial Model



Public Relations

  • Acting 90% 90%
  • Editorial 85% 85%
  • Direction 83% 83%
  • Casting 87% 87%
  • Quality 95% 95%


Acting Resume

Title Role Credits
1 Disconnect Kenneth Blink Productions
2 Supa Modo Hospital Orderly One Fine Day films/Ginger ink Films
3 18 hours Dr. Rush Rocque Pictures
4 Mission Ready Farah (Doctor) RedR UK
5 See them Blind Botha (Keg Bar owner) Zamaradi/ (Mnet)
6 Robba Robba (Con artist) Mentors
7 Manti Mahmud (Terrorist) Jamhuri Film
8 Splatter Gabriel (loving husband) Onfon Media
9 All in a day Bruce (jilted love) Historia Films
Title Role Credits
1 Jane & Abel ssn2 Patrick (Journalist) Spielworks Media (Mnet)
2 Sumu La Penzi Anthony (Spy) Spielworks Media (Africa Magic Swa)
3 Lies That Bind Patrick (Sleaze guy) Spielworks Media (KTN)
4 KONA Landlord Footprints (Africa Magic Ent)
5 Mwangaza Kipevu De capture (KTN)
6 Majaribu Frank (Rapist) Storylab
Title Role Credits
1 Shreds of Tenderness Odie Jawabu Arts
2 AN enemy of the people Dr. Stockman Jawabu Arts
3 Women only Junior CEO Zakita
4 Ghost of lord Egerton castle Lord Egerton S.P.A
5 Merchant of Venice Shylock Jawabu Arts
6 Kifo kisimani Batu 4Sight

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