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#Disconnect! Escaping the Friend-zone like a boss in a hit Film!

Every Friday is a party! A celebration of a successful week, and a break from all the seriousness and focus of the urban hardworking individual… Such is the time you call up your squad, put on your killer outfits and head off to your next best turnup… which brings me to Kenya’s latest film release #Disconnect, which was screened at the NBO Film Festival and officially premiered at Anga Sky cinemas in April 2018. I’ve not seen a better depiction of Nairobi’s party scene than Tosh Gitonga‘s story in this film. From the reliable support of a discrete girl-squad to the theatrics and scheming ways of man-squads! Disconnect is more than a film, it is a spotlight on a weekend in Nairobi!

(Mis)Understanding Disconnect: A six-sided love triangle!

We all know those Spanish soap operas where the uncle’s future ex-girlfriend is angry because her brother’s cousin’s driver got caught up with her dad’s mistress… and you still wonder why everyone doesn’t know whose fault it is… Well, Disconnect is like a soap opera on steroids! To break it down for y’all… Celine catches her lover pants down with another girl, and spirals down into a mental breakdown because apparently their non-exclusive affair was sort of breached… Ken, the (probably not) lover, gets instant karma, and is sort of intentionally ejected from the love triangle by death! What an exit! Real men stick around and explain with cliche lines such as ‘its not what you think!’… Then enters the forth corner of the triangle, Josh, as sort of a shoulder to lean on, which in other words just means friend zone!

Josh is the most difficult character to piece together… forget his good looks, that’s besides the point! Josh happens to be friend-zoned by his child-hood sweetheart, but is still a freak in his own right. He sports his very own trophy girlfriend but can’t tame his hard-on for a prospective business partner, Belinda (played by Illya Frank). We should dedicate a whole blog to Belinda! This chick is a whole encyclopedia when in comes to seduction and sexual tension! Josh and Celine’s ‘love’ affair doesn’t seem to germinate in spite of the unending clues to it. In the end, convenience rules the show as each character’s trial and error approach to finding love ends up mis-predicted! Moral of the story, if you’re in anyone’s friends zone, get out… flee!

Of third wheels and groupies! The crooked lines in affairs

Every love story deserves its fair share of villains and clowns… Disconnect treats us to a great deal of drama, comic relief and a bold sense of sexual expression… especially in the context of a highly regulated film scene in Kenya. Rated as an adult comic film, Disconnect is probably the first Kenyan film to bravely bring a sex toy to the big screen, and have an actual conversation over it! The film treats us to the intrigues around such serious life choices as marriage. We see how strong a hand the girl-squad has in swaying the vote on whether or not you’ll be dating your next ex! TK (played by Catherine Kamau) proves to be a very exciting component to the girl squad, always bringing the energy and fun. Of course, where two or three are gathered, there’s always one wanna-be ‘holy Mary’. In our case, the conservative Judy (played by Patricia Kihoro) ends up ordering a sex therapist to the bachelorette party!

This story can’t be complete without mentioning Pascal Tokodi! Hat tip to this dude! Total lunatic! Someone needs to tell him to hit the gym though before spotting blue boxers in a hit film! Pascal’s Character was the juice of the story! He is the party popper, show stopper! He is the freak, the guy with a plan! When it comes to an authentic depiction of a Nairobi Ben 10… This is your guy! If you haven’t watched this film yet, Pascal should be your reason!

A Cast of the giants!

Aside from watching the milky way in a clear night sky over the rustic hills of the Mara… there could never be a more grand constellation of stars as was in this film production! The star-studded cast in this film included such giants in Kenya’s film industry as Brenda Wairimu, Nick Mutuma, Pascal Tokodi, Justin Mirichii, Arthur Sanya, Brian Ogola, Illya FrankPatricia Kihoro, Catherine Kamau, Bridgette Shighadi, and Aseem Sharma among others. I was also there everywhere as Ken… Thanks for asking… I’ll shoot you if you didn’t see me! but I digress… in terms of casting, I would argue that #Disconnect probably ranks in the same league as #TheExpendables!

A year of bounty in Kenyan film

After the film’s cinema run in Kenya from the 4th to the 10th of May, it would be interesting to know the sentiment of everyone who experienced the drama, laughs and mysteries in the film #Disconnect. As usual, I wont spoil it for those who haven’t watched it but here’s a a look into the film. The year 2018 is proving to be a year of harvest for Kenya’s film industry. After Watu Wote’s exploits at the Oscars, #SupaModo’s success at the cinemas, and Dream Child‘s impending premier, Disconnect added onto a steadily increasing list of Kenyan films you should definitely binge watch. Disconnect introduces us to a new way of story telling in film, that keeps audiences glued from start to end.

If you haven’t caught up with the film in its cinema run, don’t fret, keep your eyes peeled for more cinema listings… you may soon catch it on one of the popular pay-per-view platforms.