Eric Wainaina Releases New Album

This renowned Kenyan artist is set to release a new studio album titled“Dreams in Stereo”, his first in nearly six years since the smash success of “Love + Protest”.

Dreams in Stereo is a truly international album, recorded in Los Angeles with critically acclaimed producer, Will Kennedy, and with collaborations with musicians from around the world. Expect to hear a new and different side to the lauded musician, vocalist and songwriters he brings forth musical influences such as Black Gospel, Blues, Soul, Funk and Reggae.

In his own words, Dreams In Stereo is his best studio production effort to date, and with a very personal touch. It is also strongly influenced by Eric’s musical theater passion and from a deep well of personal influences that go beyond his iconic Kenyan music roots.

“Dreams in Stereo picks up from where Love + Protest left off an echoes where I have been artistically speaking,” says Eric. “But at the same time itis an even more personal and intimate album in many ways, where I felt freer to just be myslef. It also explores a wide range of musical genres that are close to my heart. It definitely puts me on a new trajectory muically and creatively, and you’ll be seeing a lot more of this new direction in the months to come…in a way like you’ve never seen me. Stay tunned for a lot more to come.”

An alumni of Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he graduated with honours in music, majoring in song writing and record engineering, the “Daima Kenya” and “Nchi ya Kitu Kidogo” hitmaker started his music career as part of boyband “Five Alive”, a male acapella band that launched back in 1996.

A career that has now spanned two decades saw Eric produce“Sawa Sawa”, his first studio album, which to date, remains one of the highest-­‐selling solo albums in Kenya. “Sawa Sawa” earned Eric several accolades and irrefutably established his status as one of Kenya’s top artists. More studio albums followed after this, including: “Twende Twende” in 2006, “Love and Protest’ in 2011, and this year will see him reward his loyal fans with his 4th album,Dreams in Stereo, the official launch for which, is set for the 27th of July.

Also famed for his persistent desire and efforts in popularizing musical theatre in Africa, the “Daima” songwriter, Kenya’s “2nd National Anthem”, is hopeful that the new album will epitomize the ongoing creative evolution that Eric is undertaking to build and shape his presence as an artist on the global stage. The new album features hit singles currently available through Songa, Boomplay and iTunes such as Okay, Don’t Bury Me (ft. the legend, John Nzenze and local pop-­‐ wonder, Blinky Bill) andHallelujah People.

The new Eric is not just the local star, he is a global force on the rise. In this rise we see Eric at his best -­‐ living his purpose and vision and the full expression of his creative self. We see him on a journey to the heart of his craft -­‐ a fearless and pioneering expression of his art. We seehim as a truly multi-­‐dimensional creative genius, leading us to be great ourselves, teaching others and leaving behind a lasting legacy that will touch millions of lives.

The album also features some of Kenya’s popular singers such as Kagwe Muigai, KendiNkonge, as well as veteran artist, John Nzenze, renowned for songs such as “Angelike” and “Habari za Nairobi”. Other local artists making significant contributions to the album include:Aaron Rimbui, Allan Wanjohi, Marvin Maveke and Benjamin Kabaseke Masinde.

Important Information

Dreams in Stereo

“Welcome to My World”


27th July 2018


7pm -­‐ 12:00 am


The Elephant

3, Kanjata Road, Nairobi


Advance Tickets available at Ksh. 2,000

Gate Tickets at Ksh, 2,500

Payment via: Ticketsasa.com


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