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Holiday in Diani: The octopus story

Have you ever been so late that you took your time because there was nothing else you could do? That’s not me. I took a nduthi straight to the airport, then remembered that I had forgotten my camera (okay, it belongs to my uncle) So I run real quick to Langata, Bypass, then JKIA. By the way, never carry bulky baggage in local flights if you are not intending to pay extra for checking them in. This is a lesson I learnt the hard way. I carried a big bag (with nothing of significance inside, I think it was two kilograms tops) so that people could see that I’m cool. Well, it left me Ksh 1500 broker.
In the flight I crack a few jokes with my seatmate. I tell her the cliché joke of buying njugu karanga kwa ndege hapo kwa dirisha (tabia za nganya diehard). She laughs hard… really hard at me.

The weather is humid in Ukunda and I can hear the ocean calling my name to have a swim the waves were literally signaling at me to go take a dive. I check into Diani Reef Resort….. Their juice is out of this world. Before the juice, I was picked by their driver James (The most charismatic man I ever met) in a Prado…. Yaani I used a motorcycle, an airplane and a SUV in less than two hours.
If you ever go to a hotel, number one, know the chef, number two, know the chef, number three, know the chef. I meet the Executive Chef Daniel Deche and ask him what he loves preparing most. I ended up eating Jumbo prawns which I loved very much. This is the best meal I ever ate. The next day I tried lobsters which I didn’t like very much. I’m still trying to figure out how I liked Jumbo prawns but didn’t like Lobsters yet they are cousins. Then I remembered my friends (who mostly troll me, in a good way) insisting that I must eat pweza. Pweza is the Swahili name for an octopus. Since I’m an actor and naturally very dramatic, I decide to go fishing for one and have Chef Deche prepare it for me. I really don’t know how to explain the process and I didn’t carry my uncle’s camera in vain… See the video below…