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Measure of a man: When luck doesn’t seem to find you (A Dramatic Film)

Created by Danny Sketch in 2015, Measure of a Man is the story of a man, down on his luck, who needs to provide for his wife and a child on the way. Unable to secure conventional employment, he seeks an alternative revenue stream.

After about 2 years, the writers revisited the film and realized that there was more story to tell. As they set to work on part two, they found their “protagonist” delving deeper down the crooked path. At this point, his ambition has increased beyond simply providing an average life for his family. He seeks to spoil them and provide a life they never dreamed they would ever have. This path is already putting him across some very colourful individuals and we are all excited to see where it goes.

Measure of A Man (as the name suggests) explores societal themes that affect us daily, but rather than guide the discourse, we would rather leave the interpretation to the audience. There are many conversations to be had beneath the surface of the story that we see on screen. As the story continues in a planned limited film series, the writers will continue to explore themes that are personal to them but also of relevance in Nairobi. Hopefully at the end of it all, there will be something to take away beyond simple entertainment.

Creator: DannySkech

Producers: DannySkech and Melvin “Mel Man” Ochieng

Production Company: DannySkech Studios and Melville Films

Main Cast: Susan “Zus” Mutung’u and Melvin “Mel Man” Ochieng

Other cast members will disappear and reappear when they serve the story.