Film Festivals


We have some Kenyan films nominated for the 2018 My Rode Reel awards. Please take sometime and vote for the films below.

Mama’s wisdom

Mama’s Wisdom is a short movie Produced and Directed by Ronald Mwarogo for the 2018 Rode Mic competition. This story was well crafted by Terry Boke.The story revolves around Enzi who is a determined artist motivated by the tales of her late mother. Even if she cannot walk she is empowered enough to come up with great pieces of art that leaves people astounded.She is a typical example of people who realize that self pity has never put food on anyone’s table.

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Laance receives a late night call from Njoki a film producer for an urgent freelance job. In the dead of night, he meets Njoki in an alley to receive the brief of the Production Job and his usual deposit fee.
He is however warned by Njoki not to piss off the director who is usually regarded as difficult to work with. Lance however oversteps his boundaries by calling a “CUT” in the Director’s set during filming.
Produced by BINGI MEDIA, EDUGEE Television and co-produced by MIYALE MEDIA.

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