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Necessary Madness

Genre: Satire drama
Created and Written by: Walter Sitati & Eve Warui
Directed by : Caroline Odongo
Cast: Peter Kawa. Ian Mbugua. Pauline Kyalo. Ben Ojuwa. Frazier Chilande.
Premiere dates: September 7th (6:30p.m) , 8th (6:00p.m.) and 9th (3:00 p.m.), 2018.
Venue: Braeburn Theater – Gitanga Road
Play Synopsis
Anchored by a first-rate cast in industry titans Ian Mbugua and Peter Kawa alongside Hearts of Art’s regular heavyweights Pauline Kyalo, Allan Wasike and Elvis Gatere, Necessary Madness is a thrilling, bitingly funny and enlightening satire drama on corruption and its attendant blind privileges.
When a smart and fast-rising lawyer loses her mother because she could not get her to hospital in time, she dedicates her life as a community organizer to get the local leadership to improve the condition of the people. She enlists the support of her daughter, a techno-savvy whiz, to help shine more light on the corrupt within the county. As she prepares to celebrate a major win on an important project, she learns that her husband, a traffic police officer, has accepted a bribe which has not only caused another woman’s death but also put everything she stands for in danger.
Built to be as entertaining as it is engaging, the play offers invaluable insights especially on the conditions that make corruption such an alluring alternative in the society. By paying close attention to the devastating consequences of the vice, Necessary Madness challenges the cynical attitudes with which it has been handled and paints an intriguing image of what a society that refuses to fight it will end looking like.