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Of Cords And Discord

A thrilling drama promising an ecstatic ride!

Of Cords And Discord – staged by Prevail Arts Company is a dark humoured thrilling drama that explores the level of strain family relations can hold; from familial cords of siblings to those of couples. When is the rhythm lost to let in the missteps of discord? Is it when hurt hearts finally bleed? Well, one thing is for sure; betrayal cuts deep but so do knives!

In the last couple of years there has been a noticeable rise in the number of ‘crimes of passion’ reported on the news from different parts of the country. “What makes the characters in these stories tick?” is normally the question, but what if the more interesting question was whether we are seeing the whole picture; who the real victim is and why they actually are. Are a higher social class, education level and prominence – factors that could lessen this or do these scenarios only happen to the lowly in life?

In Cords And Discords written by Martin Kigondu; Joan has called her sister Jane to rush and be with her in her ‘could be breakdown’ after Ken (Joan’s celebrity husband) has been caught in another of his scandals. The sisters’ time together is a montage of nostalgic and heartfelt moments which are soon looped in chilling discoveries of their current predicament. It is said that where there is smoke there is a fire but what about where there’s a trail of blood?

The play is starred by Valentine Zikki (Jane) and Veronica Waceke (Joan). It is directed by Martin Kigondu whose previous works under Prevail Arts Company and also at The (legendary) Phoenix Players are known for his distinctive touch on style and theme. The show is produced by Wanjiku Mwawuganga whose catalogue of work includes directing all the Too Early For Birds productions so far.

This will be Prevail Arts Company’s 8th production. ‘What Happens In The Night’ which was their previous production was well received and accorded impressive reviews;

“One of Kenya’s best scripts to date” Business Daily

“….intensely pulsating and impeccably effective presentation they took your breath away”
Daily Nation

“…the writer gave his actors serious roles which they handled with passion, precision and professionalism that suggest Kenyan theatre has actually arrived.”
Business Daily

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Performance details:

1st Show
: Sunday 2nd September 2018
Braeburn Theatre, Gitanga Road Nairobi
2nd Show
: Sun 9th September 2018
Le Rustique, Nanyuki

Mode of payment
MPESA – 0725 832 607

Contact Information:
Kigondu – kigonduw@gmail.com : 0780 832 607
Mwawuganga – wanjikumwavu@gmail.com : 0723 644 062
Imani – teshimani@gmail.com : 0721 927 786