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Somali Heritage Week : Enhancing inclusivity (5th to 8th October 2017)

Organised by the Awjama Omar Cultural Research and Reading Center, the Somali Heritage Week is the biggest event of its Kind in East Africa! It was started with aim of combating the negative stereotypes and perceptions expressed in the media and other public quotas.

The Somali Heritage Week creates a common gathering space where people converge and learn about the many treasures of Somali heritage and celebrate their contribution to the cultural diversity of Kenya.  The event works to teach people skills that are tangible and can be applied in the larger community to not only serve the individual but the loved ones and society as a whole.

Participants will be showcasing items from all previous workshops through the year and everyone is invited to come appreciate and support the work that young people have accomplished. This year’s

theme is “Enhancing Inclusivity“.  Bringing together as many different people as possible is the ultimate goal so that the beauty that makes us the same and the diversity that makes as unique is on display.

DATES: Oct. 5th-8th from 9am-7pm

Venue: Kenya Cultural Center (Kenya National Theater).

Tickets: FREE!

Please feel free to stop by and spend a wonderful day with and it’s free for all to attend.


Here’s a Throwback to how the event was in 2016