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Supa Modo is here! Dawn of Kenya’s Golden Film Age

If you grew up in suburban Nairobi, in the 90s… when the expansive playgrounds were still intact and ungrabbed… when you could still hunt dede (locusts) in the grass… and my favorite, tying knots in overgrown grass and leading your friend into the knot trap to trip and fall like a sack of skari nguru! Cool kids will never know sukari nguru… no translation! Those were the days!

Rekindling the good all days: Supa Modo Saves history!

Supa Modo is a throwback to the future of Kenya! When our kids had real unadultered fun… when fields were unpaved, when you could dandia meals from the neighbors house, get smacked at home for it… but still show up to eat there a few days later! Our friends’ moms were the best cooks! Back then, on a specific day of the week, once a month, each neighborhood in Nairobi and its environs had a traveling cinema show… the famous ‘Watoto Kaeni chini‘. So-called for its signature feature, having all kids seated on the ground in open dusty or grassy fields, and the elder folk squatting or standing towards the back. The sight of those green trucks in your estate can only be equaled to how kids in the western world respond to an ice-cream truck.

You can be anything! Kids role-playing in a scene of Supa Modo

Supa Modo brings back the memories in a subtle way, as in the first scenes kids in a hospital ward for the terminally ill are treated to a ‘mobile cinema’. I don’t mean to give you any spoilers but the emotional rollercoaster this film will take you on is absolutely unpredictable. Shreds of sadness, heartbreak, expectation, tears of joy, ambition, unshaken belief… and most of all, living a life of hope and happiness, against all odds!

The girls behind the hero! A story of communal parenting

Supa Modo is a story of no limitation… and just like #BlackPanther, it brings out the power and strength of women in the most genius of ways. Jo, a witty 9-year old terminally ill girl is taken back to her rural village to live out the rest of her short life. Her only comfort during these dull times are her dreams of being a Super hero. As mentioned before, this film score several As in trying to portray the true African spirit of welfare and communal living. The problems of one, are the problems of everyone. A whole village puts their heads together to make sure even the youngest of them all lives a happy life.

Mwiks convincing Jo that she can overcome her fears in a scene in the film

In a show of rebellion and mischief, Jo’s sister Mwiks goes against her overprotective mother’s every directive to deliver a sense of happiness and hope to her ‘condemned’ sister… in the end, her faith pays off as Jo’s dreams to be a ‘real’ super hero come to pass. The women in this story are strong! The women in this story are wise! They are courageous… but of course, there are a few bad seeds… Kuna wamama wa udaku pia!

Supa Modo is a Film about a film… about many films

The stories of Kenya are best told by us… and in this very sense, the writers of Supa Modo very cleverly portray the story of the state of the Kenyan film industry. Every household in Nairobi has some time to sit behind the screens to watch and critique quality films from Kenya and the world… but in the same sense, we all have that one ‘movie guy’ from whom we get our pirated versions! In the story, the film makers in the film are one unshakable lot… quickly shifting from telling the stories of our African cultural festivals and dowry payments (Raw-racio… did I say that right?), into being producers of low-budget sci-fi films!

‘Mike’ (Johnson Chege) in his form producing Kenya’s block buster superhero film in a scene

The struggle in finding the perfect cast and crew for a low-budget film in the story leaves us with the constant exclamation of dissaproval ‘Ama-chas!’ (amateurs) from the director. Always having to make do with the little you have in props, costumes, budget and production teams… In the end, the story of the Kenyan film industry in this story prevails… the director still had the audacity to hope, to dream, to envision himself walking on the streets of Hollywood. Guys, it is only impossible if we fail to dream it! We can do this!

A true Kenyan story: Just like grandma’s at the fire place

I am not a big fan of movies with subtitles… but I swear this is one movie I watched and experienced with complete approval. I wasn’t distracted in any way by the subs, and for a movie that is partly in Swahili, Gikuyu and English… they were quite handy. Supa Modo is a story of suburban Kenya, a story of true experiences, true emotions… a story with a soul. I am not much of a mushy person, but this is the first Kenyan film to get me as teary as when I did the first time i saw Scar kill Mufasa in the Lion King! I’ve tried my best to not give spoilers, please don’t kill the messenger.

Being cast in this show did nothing to preempt the feeling of sitting in a cinema hall to watch the film. This film touched the depths of my soul, you should go watch it today! Here’s a standing ovation to everyone who made it happen! From the director – Likarion Wainaina, the head writer – Mugambi Nthiga, to Enos Olik (Woz Hia, LOL!)Stycie Waweru, Marriane Nungo, Nyawara Ndambia, Johnson Fish Chege, and Humphrey Maina… yoooo guyz! (insert P-Unit voice)

Alafu Skuizi we go for premiers… go watch the film today!

The cinema experience for this film cannot be written about.. you have to see it to believe! Photos courtesy of Supa Modo film and Sanaa Post.

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