Film Festivals




Screenings & Workshops

Thursday, 11th October, 

The International Day of the Girl 
Samliz School Dandora
Mentorship program

City Lodge Hotel

Private Opening Ceremony Evening

 Friday, 12th October

Huipalas Association

Public Opening Day – Premiere of “But What Was She Wearing?” (dir. Vaishnavi Sundar, Lime Soda Films India)

Afternoon & Evening screenings

 Saturday, 13th October

Huipalas Association

Virtual Reality Screenings at Huipalas (in partnership with Black Rhino & Cape Town Film Market and Festival) 


Sunday, 14th, October

Huipalas Association

Screenings with Round Table discussion about Sound, Cinematography, Screenwriting, Directing, and Production Design

 Monday, 15th, October

Creatives Garage

Evening Screening Programme

Evening Master Class: Trials & Tribulations of Art Direction and Production Design (TBC)

 Tuesday, 16th October

Creatives Garage

Evening Screening Programme

Evening Master Class: A Writers’ Forum (TBC)

 Wednesday, 17th October

August 7th Memorial Park

Afternoon & Evening screenings

An Evening with Women in Music

Karen Village

Art Directors Garage Boot Camp

Thursday, 18th October

August 7th Memorial Park

Afternoon Screenings

Virtual Reality Station

An Evening of Women in VR Storytelling & Innovation

Friday, 19th October

August 7th Memorial Park

In Partnership with Ladima Foundation

Open Day for Cultural Producers and Filmmakers

Udada Pitch Fest (Winners will participate in the HER LENS Residency, March 2019)

 Saturday, 20th October

August 7th Memorial Park

Afternoon & Evening Screenings

City Lodge

Awards Ceremony (Public Ticket Event)